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Visit at Transmission System Operator – Cyprus (TSOC) offices

On December 2, 2021, members of the LightSense project visited the offices of the Transmission System Operator – Cyprus (TSOC). During the visit, TSOC engineers presented to our members the SCADA system; a powerful control system that is designed to collect, analyze, and visualize data from the power equipment of the transmission network. In case […]

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Pilot deployment of the sensor systems at EAC Head offices

On October 2021, LightSense project members had successfully installed the sensor systems at EAC Head offices in Nicosia. LightSense project utilizes the EAC’s existing single-mode optical fibers installed in parallel with the underground power cables as the distributed sensor. The starting point of the optical path is the EAC Head Office in Nicosia (Dhasoupolis transmission […]

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A new journal paper has just been published in OSA Photonics Research

The journal review paper entitled “Distributed polymer optical fiber sensors: a review and outlook” has just been published in OSA Photonics Research. The Photonics Research is a highly impact factor journal (2020 Impact Factor: 7.080) with high-quality, peer-reviewed articles in its portfolio of journals, publishing fundamental and applied research progress in optics and photonics. This […]

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Silixa DTS and iDAS systems

Silixa company provided to the project two ULTIMA DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensor) systems (Multi-mode and Single-mode) and an iDAS (intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor) system. A two-day training was conducted by the company to the CUT research staff. The ULTIMA DTS paired with Silixa’s custom system monitoring software can provide zonal temperature monitoring, system alarm triggering […]

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FEBUS Brillouin System

FEBUS G1-R device provides Strain and Temperature information typically every 1 m along several tens of kilometers along an optical fiber deployed on the infrastructure. This system is specifically designed to meet harsh environment requirements with energy saving configuration and single- ended connection to the optical fiber sensing cable.  Solutions proposed by Febus Optic allow monitoring the […]

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Living Lab 2

The 2nd Living Lab took place on 18th March 2021. It was an online meeting due to covid-19 measures. The meeting was successfully conducted with all partners being present.

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Kick-off Meeting

The LightSense kick-off meeting took place on 24th June 2020 at the central offices of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. The meeting was successfully conducted with all partners being present.

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