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The MISSION of LightSense is to fulfil the reliability, security, continuity and efficiency needs of Cyprus’ key electricity industry stakeholders, in line with the ambitions outlined under the S3Cy (Smart Specialisation Strategy for Cyprus) strategy.
More specifically, LightSense will provide relevant and timely information and systems needed to underpin sustainable energy grid monitoring, proactive maintenance and timely threat detection. Thereby, it will serve as the nation’s preeminent research platform for practical, applied research in smart grid monitoring technologies, within the broader context of sustainable development. LightSense will aim to promote a holistic interdisciplinary approach to smart grid research that relates to the various facets and physical challenges faced by energy grid operators overseeing significant energy distribution infrastructure. We emphasise that LightSense addresses smart grid technologies at the operation level, as opposed to current consumer-side smart metering developments.

The VISION of LightSense is to be recognised as the established, authoritative and independent resource for smart grid research at an operations level, aligned with the sustainable development guidelines for Cyprus. LightSense will serve as the catalyst for a much-needed think-tank to provide relevant support to policy makers and energy providers; we will use real-time sensing and intelligent analytics in order to guide planning and development decisions. This technological paradigm will promote active collaboration with renowned experts in the fields of optical sensing and machine learning from leading research centres within and beyond the Mediterranean region.

A further outcome will be the facilitation of education, training, and research opportunities for students and young scholars, thereby building a much-needed national interdisciplinary research capacity related to the monitoring aspects of smart grids. Finally, it will place Cyprus firmly on the map of international smart grid research through academic dissemination, industry engagement, interaction with policy makers at local and European level, as well as extensive public communication.

Project Details:
Acronym: LightSense
Title: Intelligent Light Sensing For Next Generation Smart Grids
Funding: Research & Innovation Foundation
Programme: Integrated projects
Contract No.: INTEGRATED/0918/0031
Pillar: I. Smart Growth
Total Budget: 1053708.8 EUR
Duration: 36 months
Start Date: 01/06/2020
End Date: 31/05/2023