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Deliverable NumberDeliverable NameDeliverable TypeClassification of DisseminationDeliverable Completion month
D1.1Project Management GuidelinesDocumentPublic1
D1.2Project Progress ReportingReportConfidential36
D1.3Project Progress Meeting between PartnersMinutesConfidential36
D1.4Data management planDocumentConfidential3
D2.1Public WebsiteWebsitePublic 3
D2.2Dissemination and Exploitations Plans (DAP and EP)DocumentsConfidential 3
D2.3Dissemination and Exploitation ReportReportPublic36
D3.1“Soft” protocols – mutual understanding for smooth collaboration in the fieldDocumentConfidential1
D3.2Application level specificationsDocumentConfidential 6
D3.3Hardware and measurement specificationsDocumentConfidential 12
D3.4Machine learning algorithm requirements and software specificationsDocumentConfidential 12
D3.5Human factors, end user experience and final system interfacing specificationsDocumentConfidential 12
D4.1Report on the developed machine learning algorithmsReportPublic30
D4.2Software APISoftwareConfidential 30
D5.1Calibration of different cable typesReportPublic 12
D5.2Comparative measurements between differing optical sensor typesReportPublic 15
D5.3Novel, distributed high- resolution and high-frequency sensorReportPublic 36
D6.1Hardware deployment and integration of LightSense system – field trials  Pilot, ReportPublic 36
D6.2Real-world (raw) labelled data set for machine learning system developmentDatabasePublic 36
D6.3Software API and associated HUI for LightSense integration into SCADAPilot, Software, ReportPublic 36
D7.1Living Lab handbookDocumentPublic 3
D7.2Living Lab minutes and reportsReportPublic 36
D7.3Performance evaluation reportReportConfidential 36
D7.4Policy considerationsPublicationPublic 36