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New release of Lightsense Data Collection and Visualisation platform

As part of the Lightsense project, Algolysis Ltd (project partner) has developed and released the first version of the Lightsense Data Collection and Visualisation platform ( The platform has the ultimate purpose to integrate the processes of data collection, data analysis (from researchers and ML experts), and data/prediction visualisation (by researchers and power network operators). In particular the platform: 

(i) allows the researchers to upload and organise the data collected in distinct datasets based on the location the data are collected; 

(ii) provides an Application Program Interface (API) that automates data collection and enables data scientists to retrieve those data for training and prediction purposes; 

(iii) provides data exploration capabilities and visualisations to allow researchers and operators to get a holistic picture of the status of the system and help them make informed decisions on the network maintenance.

The platform is a live ongoing task that will be enhanced to cover all the needs that might arise in the Lightsense project with the goal to reach a practical and useful tool in the hands of both researchers for future data collection and analysis, as well as network operators for faster response to imminent network perturbations and failures.