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Our primary objective through the LightSense project is to respond in a holistic way to the energy efficiency, continuity and security needs of power distribution networks within Cyprus, regarding timely fault prevention and intrusion detection.

The extensive goals are to:

(1) Exploit the optical sensing capabilities of the existing optical fibre, on-grid network, to enable the remote and automated, continuous, and timely monitoring of the grid infrastructure integrity of the principal energy supplier within Cyprus

(2) Extract critical information, such as the locations of transmission inefficiencies, such as hot-spots, and provide predictive information regarding the emergence and location of possible faults, in order to ensure reliability and continuity of supply

(3) Address the lack of informed policy with regard to issues of security and reliability in the context of actively monitoring future smart grids at the operations level, in real time

(4) Monitor unmanned or unsupervised critical infrastructure to prevent unauthorised interference and access.