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Silixa DTS and iDAS systems

Silixa company provided to the project two ULTIMA DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensor) systems (Multi-mode and Single-mode) and an iDAS (intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor) system. A two-day training was conducted by the company to the CUT research staff.

The ULTIMA DTS paired with Silixa’s custom system monitoring software can provide zonal temperature monitoring, system alarm triggering and be integrated into other control systems for critical infrastructure monitoring. It also offers unparalleled performance in terms of resolution and acquisition time.

The ULTIMA DTS system is a standalone unit with an on-board PC and a user-friendly software interface which can be configured to produce both single-ended and double-ended measurements with a minimum measurement time of 1 second per optical channel.

The iDAS system is an optoelectronic system which records the true acoustic signal – amplitude, frequency and phase – continuously along the path of sensing fiber tens of kilometers long.

This breakthrough capability uniquely allows the iDAS to determine the speed of sound in the material surrounding the sensing cable; hence opening the door to a wide range of applications. It also offers the flexibility to operate on single-mode or multi-mode fiber without the introduction of any external or additional apparatus, with no loss of signal quality and while preserving the true acoustic nature of the measurement.