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Pilot deployment of the sensor systems at EAC Head offices

On October 2021, LightSense project members had successfully installed the sensor systems at EAC Head offices in Nicosia.

LightSense project utilizes the EAC’s existing single-mode optical fibers installed in parallel with the underground power cables as the distributed sensor. The starting point of the optical path is the EAC Head Office in Nicosia (Dhasoupolis transmission substation 11 kV) and the end point is the “Langadas” distribution substation (11 kV). The underground cables have a total distance of about 1.6 km, with multiple power cable joints. The increased number of joints leads to an increased possibility of failure in the power network.
The sensor systems (from FEBUS Optics and Silixa Ltd) monitor the temperature and strain of the optical cables for providing useful information and also for identifying abnormal behaviour on the cables and thus in general possible network failures in the power network.